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The Answers You Need

If your product is marked with .925, it is sterling silver or Vermeil (sterling silver plated with 14k gold). Sterling silver tarnishes, but luckily it is easy to clean. We use Tarn-X to bring our sterling silver and Vermeil pieces back to life. Apply Tarn-X to a clean/ dry soft cloth. Rub the areas that are tarnished until the surfaces are shiny like new. Rinse under warm water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

What should I use to keep my Signature GAUDESS Rings clean?

Our packaging was designed to use as little jewelry boxes as possible. We designed one box that holds a pouch and a jewelry pillow. The jewelry pillow is able to accommodate a ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant necklace, a belt, a charm, and a bangle/cuff. 

Our gorgeous orange metallic box with navy interior is perfect to display on your shelf to hold other things dear to you and our navy Velveteen pouch/pillow is perfect for traveling with your Gaudess pieces or other jewelry pieces that compliment ours.

When you order online you will receive our beautiful signature orange metallic snakeskin box. The contrasting deep navy blue interior cradles our soft velveteen gold embossed jewelry pouch. Tucked inside our pouch is our unique jewelry pillow. 

If, by some crazy unknown reason you choose to return one of our products, the box, pouch, and jewelry pillow must be returned as well in order to receive a store credit.


When you purchase a product during one of our elegant and fun Trunk shows, you will receive your product in our Signature orange metallic snakeskin shopping bag, along with our jewelry pouch and jewelry pillow.

What is so special about your packaging?

We chose the Carnelian gemstone in orange because the orange shade specifically promotes courage, self-esteem, confidence and empowerment, it is the perfect companion piece for women who know what they stand for and are ready to amplify their impact on the world.


Even more importantly, true abundance is carried on energetic waves that flow freely among and between women. That’s why Carnelian is the apex crystal for the GAUDESS Collective: it attracts prosperity, motivation and success while - importantly - dissolving all energetic binds of

envy, fear and possessiveness. Wear it with pure joie de vivre and magnetize sparkling new abundance for yourself and your sister tribe.


Embraced by royalty in Ancient Egypt and associated with the sacral chakra’s primal life force, this power stone reaches peak potency after continuous high-vibration preparation as it is incorporated into your GAUDESS product.

Why is the Carnelian stone used in all of your products? 

Unlike Heritage luxury brands, we provide you with added value on multiple levels. 


- Our designs evolved to elegantly showcase super-charged Carnelian gemstones featured in every GAUDESS piece. Unlike Heritage luxury brands, we provide you with added value on multiple levels. We continuously give back to you by keeping your Gaudess purchase amplified with higher vibrational energy for lifetime of the product.


- Our Icon/logo is sacred and features the vesica piscis, a matriarch of sacred geometry. In distinctive representation of the oneness of all, the GAUDESS logo is a beacon that brings aligned, powerful women together. When you see a GAUDESS wearing it, strike up a conversation and connect! 


We are inclusive, we do not divide, we unite. We do not recognize color, political affiliation, squares on instagram. We recognize one another by their energy.


The GAUDESS Collective offers an energetic home and sisterhood for women who proudly wear GAUDESS pieces as they impact their world and lift one another up. GAUDESS events bring women together for learning, laughter and luxury.

We are more than a “Brand.” We are a Collective and care about our Gaudess community. We want to involve you in our evolution and provide an inspirational space that is your go-to Brand where you know we are one and give back to each other and to our communities.

How is GAUDESS different from other designer brands?

The GAUDESS Collective is a group of women where we witness and honor the bright light within you!


When you adorn your sacred Self with any GAUDESS piece, you are taking a stand for more than luxury: you are choosing to embody Carnelian energy and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in an empowered sisterhood.


The GAUDESS Collective is a sacred space for poised, potent and positive women who are ready to be seen for the best of who they are - inside and out.


In the light of conscious connection, we shine together and we rise together.




True power lies among similarly-minded women: those whose positive energy uplifts and inspires others, and whose beauty emanates from the inside.


Despite so much painful separation throughout the world, the GAUDESS Collective asserts that we are one: a global community of energetic beings with the power to impact one another and the world around us.


That’s why we choose to amplify our interconnected energy with everyday choices that align, connect and reflect the GAUDESS within.


Worldwide GAUDESS Collective members make meaningful change in their community and fearlessly go after their dreams. They notice one another as they pass, offering words of recognition and encouragement. They build one another up. Their mutual radiance is palpable, infectious and inspired.


When a community like this has your back, you can achieve anything. 

What is the GAUDESS Collective and why should I join?

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