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2023 Fashion Trends ✨

Hey Gaudesses,

As I like to say, you can never be too prepared when it comes to style! So, let's go ahead and see if we can predict what fashion trends 2023 has coming our way. I’m hoping some of my favorites will stay, but as we know fashion is a cycle, so if your favorite trend is not back in style yet, don’t worry too much because it will definitely be back at some point.

Alright, so my first prediction is that big pants and baggy cargos are going to be everywhere in spring, which is perfect for the girls who love to stay comfy! Of course, big pants and baggy cargos are already very stylish, and we see a lot of celebrities incorporating them into chic looks. I personally think we are going to be surprised with some of the ways these pants are going to be styled in 2023, perhaps in a way we would not expect.

I think we are also going to see a lot of minimalistic combinations, monochrome well-fitted, high neck tops, especially long-sleeved ones. They are going to be something that people will be very drawn towards as they can make an outfit instantly look elegant and sophisticated with little effort. Minimalistic, single toned dresses are also going to be pieces that people will be gravitating towards, there is going to be an emphasis on accessorizing with these simplistic looks.

Of course, if you are mainly dressing in a quite simple manner then you are going to want to compensate by having bold jewelry and accessories to bring light and color to your outfits. Here at GAUDESS®, we’ll be able to help you with that as we have a range of statement pieces that can bring to life any outfit, so look no further, we’re your 2023 inspo!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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