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All Treats No Tricks 🎃

Hey Gaudesses,

Spooky season is here to stay… this quirky and fun Halloween photoshoot shot by Raul Gonzo, @raulgonzo on Instagram! Here we see an appearance of the bold, pink feather Maia earrings from GAUDESS®; the stylist who chose to incorporate the earrings into her daring look is Madison Wen Gu (@mmmaddddison).

The Maia earrings are revealed by the model Martina Karra as she lifts up her bright, yellow ghost disguise. The tropical themed Maia earrings bring the look to life, along with the colorful makeup done by the extraordinary Marc Cornwall (@marc_cornwall). The shoot with the models Martina Karra (@martinakarra) and Julie Furman ( @furmanjuli), shows the light-hearted side of Halloween, which demonstrates how dressing up and having fun with friends can bring out the playful side in all of us. The models show their fun personas through their interactions with one another in the shoot; the fuchsia dress Julie Furman wore is the perfect counterpart for the Maia earrings that Martina Karra reveals. In the shoot the looks are beautifully brought together by color.

Anyway Gaudesses, I hope you all have a fun Halloween! Get ready to see more shoots that GAUDESS is featured in.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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