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Brilliant Carnelian Gemstone Energy 🔥

The sacred art of adornment is a time-honored GAUDESS tradition. Carnelian gemstones are featured in every GAUDESS piece. The GAUDESS team carefully selects stones from the finest sources around the world. Each stone then goes through a 12-hour cleansing, clearing and continuous blessing process that prepares it to receive your intentions.

The Result? Super-charged elegance that radiates beauty plus healing and energetic properties to assist you in manifesting the powerful GAUDESS life you were born for.

Carnelian has been treasured for millenia for its powerful positive energy. A stone of courage, self-esteem, confidence and empowerment, it is the perfect companion piece for women who know what they stand for and are ready to amplify their impact on the world. Even more importantly, true abundance is carried on energetic waves that flow freely among and between women. That’s why Carnelian is the apex crystal for the GAUDESS Collective: it attracts prosperity, motivation and success while - importantly - dissolving all energetic binds of envy, fear and possessiveness. Wear it with pure joie de vivre and magnetize sparkling new abundance for yourself and your sister tribe.


Embraced by royalty in Ancient Egypt and associated with the sacral chakra’s primal life force, this power stone reaches peak potency after continuous high-vibration preparation as it is incorporated into your GAUDESS product. Beauty that’s worthy of adorning a GAUDESS; energetically super-charged to support your highest good.

Regardless of where we source the stones, they are cleansed once they become part of a product. The stones are charged via the sun and night sky and smudged with sage to amplify their crystal properties and to clear any negative energy they may have absorbed during processing or production. We put the date your gemstone is charged on the Thank You Card.

We send out higher vibrational energy into the carnelian gemstones & GAUDESS as a whole.


By Lauriane Cardot

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