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City Gals Society Founder - Nancy Moeller 💃🏻

Hey Gaudesses!

The GAUDESS Antheia earrings were made for you to wear them proudly! Don’t be afraid to be bold Gaudess, that is what expressing your fashion identity is all about!

As we can see in the 2022 Odile Iturraspe X Nancy Photoshoot, the model Nancy (@nancymoeller_) is possessing the true aura of a Gaudesses, as she boldly locks eyes with the camera whilst rocking the GAUDESS Antheia earrings. As always, the GAUDESS piece added to the look styled by Odile (@odileiturraspe) is adding a pop of color because of the vibrant orange of the iconic GAUDESS logo. The look styled by Odile is giving biker chick, with the leather two piece! The makeup artist Adrian Alvarado (@mradrianmakeup) kept the look neutral, with warm orange tones to complement the GAUDESS earrings and the whole look itself!

The photographer duo Caleb & Gladys (@calebandgladys) caught Nancy at her most daring moments; she looks like she can take on anything in this shoot!

That’s it for today Gaudesses, if you take anything away from this blog, let the vibe of this shoot inspire you to be daring and fearless when it comes to exploring your fashion identity!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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