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GAUDESS Fashion Favorites - Editor Picks

’Tis the season for sweaters, sparkles, good cheer, and, of course, gift-giving! Should this year’s list of people to shop for be a long one, here are some ideas from our Editor Zoe Perez for the best GAUDESS Fashion Jewelry & Accessories.

Finding the perfect present has never been easier, right? Well lucky for you, there’s even more where that came from - stay tuned for our weekly GAUDESS gift guides.

In every GAUDESS piece there is an orange carnelian gemstone incorporated into the design. The properties of this carnelian powerstone that align with GAUDESS are: creativity, positive energy, individuality and sensual femininity, along with dispelling envy and fear.

Helpful tip about our GAUDESS Rings

Our rings are unique in more ways than one. Each GAUDESS beaded ring is hand-woven and sculpted into an elegant work of art. During this process, an arch is created underneath the ring, which makes our design special for sizing and fitting. We suggest wearing our beaded rings on the middle finger, but any finger will do! When you go to try on our beaded rings, you may feel discouraged that it's too small; and it won't slide over your knuckle. Simply turn the ring to the side and slide it over your knuckle and then turn it upright for the proper fit. It should feel comfortable, not loose. We suggest not sizing up. If your ring size is a 7, please order a size 7.


Written By: Zoe Perez

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