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Harper's Bazaar Cover Feature 🤩

Hello Gaudesses!

Exciting news, GAUDESS was recently featured on a Harper’s Bazaar cover, Serbia! The magazine spread was artistically photographed by Andrés McRea, (@andres.mcrea on Instagram) and has Gabrielle Kniery (@gabriellekniery) who you may recognize from America’s next top model, wearing the Lissa ring!

The stylist behind it all is: Elisa Soler, (@s.asile) she thoughtfully incorporated the Lissa ring into one of her looks. The main look on the cover consisted of an elegant and alluring, high-neck black dress, with ruffling detail along it and sheer sections. The black statement dress was paired with simplistic teal heels that have a crossover strap to match the model’s bold teal eye makeup (@tiaratinocobeauty). Now let’s move on to the GAUDESS piece which was featured, the Lissa ring!

The Lissa ring takes inspiration from the African creation goddess who shares the same name, this eye-catching ring is imbued with royal energy of a Queen. As we can see Gabrielle Kniery is in fact embodying the energy of a true Queen in this photoshoot! The rarity of the Lissa’s Swarovski crystal is dazzling through the pictures and complements the whole look. The Swarovski crystals are not the only aspect of the ring possessing positivity to uplift one’s energy, as always the Carnelian gemstones are added to the ring. On the sides of the ring you will be able to see the bright Carnelian gemstones shining along the 14k gold vermeil band, attracting even higher levels of prosperity, motivation and success!

The purpose of the shoot was for the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar, and the magazine article itself went into a deep dive about Gabrielle Kniery, her experience in America’s top model, whilst also discussing her ventures into acting and poetry writing! Gabrielle Kniery details her journey as a writer, her thoughts on her modeling career, her travel experiences and personal skincare tips. In the longer portion of the article, the model Gabrielle Kniery also speaks about her experience working on set with Beyonce and how she is currently finding work on the reality show: Winter House.

Along with the text, we see the pictures from the shoot which involve dark and edgy elements, to match the vibe of the outfit styled by Elisa Soler. Gabrielle Kniery portrays an alternative atmosphere as she lies across the seat in a mainly grey and white room. In the next photo, the model Gabrielle Kniery is leaning on a staircase covered by a net lining with ropes around it, once again giving across an alternative, edgy vibe. It is interesting to see the elegance of the dress paired with the unusual yet intriguing background.

Now take a look at the cover for yourself, Gaudess!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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