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How To Accessorize Dresses?

Hey Gaudesses,

Today I’m going to tell you how to accessorize dresses! First, we must look at the dress and all the elements of it and how they would work with your chosen accessories. The more elegant and simplistic the dress is, the more statement accessories you can add to your dress. If it has a low neckline, I would recommend adding a necklace like the Eye of Aphrodite from GAUDESS®, which would immediately enhance your outfit and add some color because of the prominent bright Carnelian gemstone nestled in the Vescia Piscis.

However, if the dress already has a lot of detailing to it and is on the more intricate side, style wise, then I would recommend accessorizing with more dainty, less statement jewelry. Not only does GAUDESS® have statement necklaces, it also has more subtle pieces like Sade and Sophia which also incorporates the Carnelian gemstone, but it instead cradles the power gemstone at the center for enhanced confidence and mutual empowerment.

The length of the dress can help you decide what kind of shoes you would like to integrate into your formal dress attire; if your dress is long enough to cover your chosen shoes then you can decide on shoes that are simpler but with a higher heel. But if your dress is on the shorter side then I’d recommend wearing more statement shoes that really add something different to your dress!

Now go on Gaudess, choose your favorite dress and get accessorizing!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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