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How To Be Professional While Being Fashionable?

I know sometimes looking professional and dressing for work seems like it can stifle the personality in your outfit and make you feel as though you look like everyone else. Don’t worry, there are many other ways you can express yourself, whilst still being fashionable. When you dress for work or a professional event, think about how you can subtly add details and elements to an outfit to express your personal style.

GAUDESS® can help you find elegant, dainty pieces that can beautifully complement your work attire. The necklaces we have are very delicate and minimalistic, so comfortable enough to wear in any professional environment as they will not get in the way of you being as productive as possible on your work day!

Dress shirts are so versatile that they can be worn in any way you like! So take your time one weekend and test out what style suits you best. They can be tucked in neatly to your suit pants, worn with and without a blazer. Also you could fold up the sleeves of your dress shirt, which can make them more comfortable and practical, especially when you’re spending hours typing on a computer.

Speaking of blazers, they have been trending recently, many people now wear them in and out of the workplace because of how they make a look instantly more smart and chic.

Blazers are always considered professional, so you get multiple blazers in multiple different muted , fun and neutral tones.

But also, if you’re investing in a blazer, you’re not just buying something that can be worn only at work, because you can style it in a casual manner for a drinks night with your girlfriends at the end of a long work week!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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