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How To Dress Up Fall Fashion?

Hello Gaudesses,

Now that we’re well into October I thought I’d let you know my fashion predictions for fall! Boots are coming back into style this season and they’re going to be popular! Don’t fret, even if you live somewhere on the warmer side, you could always adjust your style and wear some cute ankle boots.

When you’re dressing for fall, remember layering is your friend! My tip is to wear a cute shirt/top with a collar that can accentuate a cardigan or sweater peeking out. But also, if you live somewhere where it is too warm to cozy up in layers, you can also embody the season through colors, wear outfits with fall color scheme, like wine/burgundy, dark gray, soft beige, warm browns etc.

Also adjusting your professional attire to the fall season by incorporating the colors is another way to dress for fall. For instance, you could find a smart pant suit in a wine/burgundy color for fall! Or you could also find some shoes to match the colors of the season.

Remember! If you wear coats or jackets this season, don’t let them cover up your style entirely, try to make them complement it instead.

There you have it, here are my tips for the fall!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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