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How To Turn A Boring Outfit Into A Fashionable Outfit With Accessories ✨

All GAUDESSES know that a complete outfit is one that includes both jewelry and accessories: these additions can change an outfit completely as well as what you are revealing about your own personal style. Here at GAUDESS we love the fact that jewelry and accessories give people a little extra insight into your fashion identity. We want your uniqueness to shine through as you handpick pieces to express yourself!

Jewelry and accessories can be a lot of fun and used for experimentation, since they can be the statement piece of an outfit that gives it an extra edge. At GAUDESS we don’t shy away from statement belts as it can really add a lot of character to a pretty simple outfit!

An example of a belt that can level up any outfit is the GAUDESS Sacral Power Belt as it not only cinches in the waist creating a different silhouette to the look but also the belt itself is a statement piece.

It is a two-toned leather belt that has an 18k gold-plated belt buckle which is the eye-catching GAUDESS logo with the supercharged Carnelian gemstone that is integrated in every GAUDESS piece. The GAUDESS Sacral Power Belt is black and taupe and can be added to most looks, it could be worn with more formal attire for a fancy dinner you may be going to or make a plain, everyday outfit stylish!

Jewelry is a must for any chic look, depending on your individual style you can decide what jewelry you would like to add to your outfit. When choosing jewelry, you could consider whether you think dainty, sparingly placed jewelry would suit your look more or if perhaps bold, eye-catching jewelry is more your taste. GAUDESS has jewelry options for all GAUDESSES, once you find a piece that best represents you, then consider how it interacts with your outfit. Bear in mind jewelry can help restore balance to an outfit.

If you feel like balancing out a darker outfit, the GAUDESS Iris ring is what you’re missing! The GAUDESS Iris ring is a signature piece that can bring an extra dimension to a monochrome outfit, as the Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals allow for light to dance off the ring, creating a luminous, iridescent reflection.

GAUDESS’s jewelry can make any outfit more exciting by bringing light and color, whilst also encouraging positive energetic alignment through the super-charged Carnelian gemstones featured in all GAUDESS pieces.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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