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L'Officiel Cover Feature

Hello Gaudesses!

Guess what! The Lissa Ring is featured in yet another magazine cover, this time for L’Officiel! The model that is embodying the Queen-like energy imbued by the Lissa Ring is Victoria Cain, @victoria.rose.cain on Instagram! The classically done photoshoot which incorporates royal elements is masterfully shot by Andrés McRea, (@andres.mcrea).

The stylist who decided to incorporate the GAUDESS® Lissa ring into her eye-catching green look is Elisa Soler (@s.asile). The look for the front cover that Elisa Soler chose consists of a bright, green loose fitting dress, with sequin detailing! You can’t miss this cover because of the bright colors that Elisa Soler implemented to work together in the look, like the deep purple bag with the bright blue and yellow cowboy boots.

As Victoria Cain clutches the bag in several shots you can see the Lissa Ring shining in all its glory! The makeup for the photoshoot was skillfully done by Tiara Tinoco (@tiaratinocobeauty), all of the aspects of the look are pulled nicely together through great team work on all ends!

In the article for the shoot, some of the things Victoria Cain talks about are her aspirations, personal details about her life and the future projects she has coming up. Victoria Cain in fact, plans on becoming a reiki at master level to use her healing energy to help heal animals!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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