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Magnifying The Carnelian Power-stone✨

Hello Gaudesses,

Elegance is manifested in this shoot by Pompee (@pompeeraw) which artfully incorporates the GAUDESS Antheia Arcylic Earrings, Flare Ring, Pomona Ring, and Brigid Ring. The lighting within the shoot has an orangish tone which makes the products shine through the pictures in the shoot. This orangish lighting throughout the shoot magnifies the positive Carnelian power stone integrated into all GAUDESS jewelry. The model Kendall Baisden (@bendall.k), has a powerful and elegant atmosphere about her as she poses for the shoot.

Liliana Bogart the stylist for the shoot, (@Lilianabogart) added the Antheia Earrings to cream and white, two pieces, one of which had a distressed tank top and the other a chunky, thick sweater. The green heels and bright orange earrings added a pop color to the mainly monochromatic looks. The makeup artist, Aidan Rodriguez (@aidanrodrigeuzz) also enhanced the look with color by adding sparkly purple and gold eyeshadow.

You can’t deny that Pompee, the photographer, has the skill, when he captures the moments of the model Kendall looking powerful and dignified as she locks eyes with the camera, conveying a true GAUDESS energy!

That’s what we as a brand encourage, strong, amplified energy amongst all Gaudesses!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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