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Nelly Furtado Ladygunn June Feature

Take a look at our latest feature in the Lady Gunn Magazine, and see how fashion can be a metamorphosis. We believe that fashion isn’t just about clothing; it is also an art form that can transform your self-expression. At GAUDESS, we've always valued creativity when it comes to our pieces, and love seeing how our pieces can fuel others' creative drive.

The iconic Grammy Award winning artist Nelly Furtado graces the cover as a butterfly, showcasing the transformative power of fashion. Our Pink Fleur ring resembles an enchanting flower, is designed with exquisite attention to detail. We adore the magical nature behind this shoot which was shot and edited by Hope Glassel @hmgphoto, who definitely outdid herself by creating a transcendent ambiance. The Fleur ring is the perfect otherworldly accessory for this look, it is expertly styled by the talented Phil Gomez @styledbyphil, who has an eye for choosing the most complementary pieces.

We believe that fashion should be about self-expression, creativity and teamwork. I mean have you seen a cooler shoot? We can’t get over the amazing collaboration that pulled together this eye-catching feature, down to the make-up by @deney_adam and the hair by @isaacdavidsonhair, each aspect enhances the other.

The magazine article itself talks about the ongoing legacy of the Canadian born music artist Nelly Furtado; irrespective of her hiatus the fearlessness and versatility of her sound has lived on and continued to be popular amongst the current generation. Just like the vision behind this photoshoot being transcendent, between the borders of reality and the supernatural, Furtado’s music shares a similar quality. Furtado’s music has an explorative and metamorphic nature to it, as she shares in the article: “I love musical worlds. Every continent, every country has their own musical world. We always focus on the western with pop music, but there’s so much more going on everywhere.”

Nelly Furtado is proof that experimentation in all forms is appreciated, as her diverse sound had true lasting power. So Gaudesses, take a leaf out of Nelly Furtado’s book and don’t be afraid experimenting whether it is in fashion or other creative outlets.


Written By: Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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