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Our Signature Fashion Tips When Traveling ✈️

As someone who spends a lot of time traveling through airports on study trips, family visits or just for leisure, I feel as though I have tried on and tested many different looks and style choices for travel… but what I have come to realize in the end is that comfort wins hands down, especially on long haul flights.

Having said that, just because an outfit is comfortable, it does not mean it can’t be stylish!

Recently, stylish workout clothes have become very popular, especially when traveling! So, if you pair a cute workout set with minimalistic, well thought out jewelry & a fashionable bag then you have a perfect travel look… I mean what could be comfier than gym clothes? Well, sweat suit sets have also made a comeback from the early 2000s! Muted, monochrome sweat suits are trending right now & are amazing for long haul flights as they are very comfy & cozy! If you put together your set with earrings and rings from GAUDESS® you can easily upscale your look and add a bit of an edge!

Lastly, if you want to wear something that would also work for a fancy dinner when you arrive at your destination but still be reasonably comfortable throughout the flight then I would recommend wearing a Streetwear inspired outfit. As usual the pants are wide-legged and/or baggy and paired with a well-fitted top, which means that you would feel comfortable on the flight but also be prepared for a smarter occasion. Of course, you should always add some statement jewelry like hoops to your Streetwear outfit along with slicking your hair back and adding some chic sunglasses!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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