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Product Highlight - Antheia Earrings

Howdy Gaudesses!

Are you ready to see the stylist Ella Sophia’s (@ellasophiafashion) chosen look for a recent photoshoot done by her? The model Fiona S.(__@fi0na__) may not be wearing a cowgirl hat, but Ella Sophia has styled Fiona with all the pieces needed to be the edgiest cowgirl there is! The look in the shoot is a chic, modern take on a cowgirl look.

Ella Sophia styled Fiona in a mismatched denim, two-piece waistcoat and skirt, pairing it with shiny, black, ankle cowgirl boots that totally give wild west vibes! The mismatched waistcoat is open, showing her eye-catching orange velvet bra/bikini top, that draws our eyes to the bright orange Antheia GAUDESS earrings.

The look Ella Sophia chose highlights the eye-catching Carnelian orange in our Antheia earrings! Fiona S. is proudly wearing the GAUDESS earrings as she conveys a daring energy in the shoot whilst looking away from the camera and straight at it. A little cuteness is added to the look with the mini, textured, silky bag that the model Fiona clutches in several shots. The overall photoshoot has a retro feel to it, which is specifically magnified through the rusty worn out background detail of the shoot and the film-like look of the pictures!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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