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Product Highlight - Ethos

Hello Gaudesses!

At GAUDESS® we have so many rings to choose from, with many different elements to them! Follow your heart’s desire and take a look at the Ethos Ring! The Ethos Ring is not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but also its backstory is something to be proud of since the 18k gold is ethically sourced. If you want to be a true Gaudess and capture the spirit of GAUDESS in its purest form then this is what you need.

This is a ring that you could easily wear everyday and add into any kind of outfit irrespective of the occasion. Trust me, once you put on this ring, you won’t want to take it off! You could make all your outfits look put together and elegant by adding the Ethos Ring to your everyday style. Undeniably the Ethos Ring is a ring that will stay in style through generations and is something that you could pass on to important people in your life.

When looking at the Ethos Ring you may find yourself getting lost in the beautiful intricateness of the micro pave diamonds, that are carefully and lovingly enrobed throughout the continuous signature GG pattern. And of course, as always, the central Carnelian gemstone is masterfully combined into the Ethos Ring’s design. This piece stands out due to the high-polish and diamond-encrusted textures. By making this ring a part of your jewelry collection you are encouraging and welcoming positive energy into your life. And when you pass it on to your loved ones, you will be spreading positivity and alignment with others. Without a doubt, the Ethos Ring is a true power piece, GAUDESS signature fine jewelry complements the finest in pleasure and purpose.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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