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Product Highlight - Lyra Earrings

Today, we have another stylist photoshoot, Jordan Bryant (@JordanAlexanderBryant) styled the model Ame Kiana (@Amekianaa), using both the GAUDESS Lyra Earrings and the GAUDESS power belt! Jordan Bryant styled two very different looks to go along with each of the GAUDESS pieces.

The first look used the GAUDESS Power Belt and paired it with a smart, collared, black dress with ruffled shoulder detail! The gold of the GAUDESS logo stands out against the mainly black look. The stylist and makeup artist Evie Ry (@evie_ry) played with the color red and how it works with black; for instance, Jordan Bryant chose statement red shoes for the model Ame Kiana to wear and the makeup artist put a bold red lipstick on the model to accentuate the red of the shoes! Jordan Bryant and Evie Ry’s teamwork created a sophisticated yet striking look for Ame Kiana to show off the energy-enhancing Power Belt. The photographer Michael Todaro (@Michaeltodaro) also emphasized certain elements of the look, like the red shoes, through the edgy low angles of the shoot! The background and feel of the shoot also enhance the sophistication of the chosen look, through the simplicity of the two toned classic curtain background.

So, Gaudess if you’re looking for a belt to add a lil something to your fancy looks then the GAUDESS Power Belt is what you need!

Alright, let’s move on to the next look! This look to me screams summer! It may be because of the way Whitney Jeanette Hunt (@whitneyjhunt) styled Ame Kiana’s hair, which shows off the ‘wet look’ as though she has just got off the beach. Also, the colors Joran Bryant chose are bright and fun; the top is a coral orange, and the skirt is yellow! The outfit is a matching set both of which have breathable mesh looks that would be perfect for cover ups for bikinis after a nice beach day. Jordan Bryant integrated the exotic Lyra Earrings with bright blue tassels into the colorful look! We think this outfit and shoot are perfect for the Lyra Earrings as our idea was to transport you to the tropics with this fun jewelry piece. The background of this shoot changed along with the outfit, the background is blue that brings out the blue color of the tassels which adds to the summery feel. The photographer Michael Todaro took a close-up shot of the Ame’s side profile which displays the Lyra Earrings in all their glory!

So, come on Gaudess, get creative and incorporate different GAUDESS products into looks that fit your occasions!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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