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Product Highlight - Rhea Ring

Hello Gaudesses!

At GAUDESS© we have a wide range of options, for all types of jewelry to enhance your look! I love accessorizing with rings, as I feel they add another dimension to an outfit and really pull a look together! Adding rings to an outfit shows that it is a well-thought-out look and that you have taken the time to pay attention to the smaller details. I think rings are a great complement, as they are very versatile and can be easily incorporated into different kinds of outfits, which adds nuance and synergy to the overall look in the process.

A ring that can be adapted into a variety of looks is the Rhea ring, which was fittingly named after the Greek Earth goddess associated with comfort, ease, and richness. The Rhea ring will make you feel empowered with its rich earthy tones combined with the positively charged Carnelian gemstone which is nestled in the heart space of the ring’s shank, connecting it to the Tree of Life. The deep brown tones of the ring paired with the accents of gold, portrays the brightness and sparkle to life among the natural beauty that shines through.

Let the Rhea ring nourish and embolden your vibe, be open to the grounding energy that the ring encourages! The neutrality of the ring allows you to be creative when styling it, there are endless options of looks that would work with the Rhea ring. Imagine the Rhea ring as your muse, let it guide you and inspire your style! Become a true Gaudess by enriching your energy and complementing your style with a ring that embodies the secrets of mother nature.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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