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Selin Magazine Feature Vol. 67 ✨

Hey Gaudesses,

If you’re like me and love bursts of color then you’ll definitely feel inspired by this RBR Cosmeticx photoshoot by (@allyvisuals) for Selin Magazine with the wonderful model Jennifer Liu (@tigerinfur)! This shoot is all about incorporating fun, bright colors into two different looks done by the stylist (@s.asile). The GAUDESS piece which is added to these eye-catching looks are the lively and exciting Maia earrings. The Maia earrings want to encourage you to feel the tropical vibe in your everyday life, with their fuchsia pink colorful detailing and feather tassels. Don’t hold yourself back and find a way to embrace the tropical fun into your favorite looks! This is exactly what the stylist Elisa did in both looks she chose for the shoot!

In the first look the model is wearing a mustard yellow, high neck, sleeveless dress paired with a detailed gold bag, the Maia earrings’ fuchsia pink stands out against the yellow toned colors of the outfit. The makeup artists @s.beatrizxo and @seriyah_mae, also chose a bold red lip that goes well with the colors of the look. There is an extra playful element to the shoot, through how the model Jennifer Liu poses with her red lipstick, which I love!

The whole next look shows the true influential nature of the Maia earrings! The model Jennifer Liu is wearing a bright, tiered pink dress which flows perfectly with the colors of the earrings. The model’s second extravagant look embodies the true uplifting energy of the Maia earrings styled by visionary Elisa.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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