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The Holiday Statement - Lyra Earrings

What’s up Gaudesses!

Today we’re gonna be looking at the 2022 Madison Wen Gu X Mijon Photoshoot. First off, I’m loving the retro vibes of this shoot. By taking a look at Yanran Xiong’s instagram page (@pistachica) you can see her photography style is fun and experimental and it has a lot of retro elements! Through the coloring and filter used in this shoot you feel as though you are teleporting back in time, looking at an old magazine!

The model Mi’jon (@iammijon) is glowing in her monochromatic white look styled by Madison Wen Gu (@mmmaddddison), which consists of a well-fitted smart coat, white stockings and white fashion boots with a wooden heel. Once again, adding a little pop of color are the Lyra earrings with the silky blue tassel and gunmetal GAUDESS logo.

Let your creativity take over and use your GAUDESS pieces to create any kind of look you desire, whether you want to transport yourself to the 80s with a retro look or go for a modern day 2022 street style look, we’ve got you covered!

The editing of some photos taken also makes them appear to be vintage, through their coloring; they seem to have a film-like filter on them. The model Addison Soens has a sporty and fun vibe throughout the shoot, which highlights the Nike socks and Nike sports top that were added to the smart pink look she was styled in. The stylist Yanran Xiong created a fun crossover between sporty and girly, which the model Addison Soens embodied throughout the shoot!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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