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The Untitled Magazine Feature - The Rebel Issue ✨

What’s up Gaudesses!

The daring 70’s and 80’s inspired GAUDESS Margot earrings were added into an equally daring look for an Untitled Magazine Feature! The talented model Kiara @naturallykiara flaunts the neon green Margot earrings along with her distressed multidimensional dress by The Dysign House. The creative behind it all is the celebrity stylist who has also worked for America’s Next Top Model, Ty Ron Mayes @stylisttyronmayes.

The purple puffer Ty Ron Mayes creates a futuristic vibe and works perfectly with the graffiti background of the shoot. The model Kiara’s confident stance also shows her diamond studded boots and matching coffee cup. To me, this fearless look blends edge and modernity! This style is definitely innovative. The hairstylist is, @hairbykmiller who did the model’s hair in mainly an updo with a singular braid down, this gives some asymmetry to the look, which furthers the alternative style! The makeup artist @magdalena.major, chose bright, sleek eyeliner for the model’s eyes which brings out the diamond detailing on the accessories and shoes incorporated into the outfit.

If you’re into futuristic and spunky looks, then this is the one for you!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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