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Too Glam To Give A Damn!

Here we have it, Gaudesses!

Another L’Officiel shoot, the model rocking the Antheia earrings by GAUDESS is Haoqing Geng! Haoqing Geng is seen holding a Balenciaga bag, whilst gazing off to the side, showing off our Antheia earrings!

The style of the look and the overall photoshoot is sleek and simplistic! Haoqing Geng was styled by Nikolett Nemeth @styledbynikolett, the Balenciaga bag chosen is the perfect fit with the two-toned mirrored acrylic GAUDESS logo earrings. Just like the Balenciaga bag being a staple of the brand itself, our Antheia earrings are a staple for GAUDESS, as they feature our signature orange logo. Haoqing Geng looks confident and poised whilst wearing earrings that encourage her to embody positive energy through the Carnelian gemstone tucked into the hardware. The sleekness of the look is further inspired through how Haoqing Geng’s hair was styled by the makeup and hairstylist, Takashi Ashizawa (@tashinyc). Haoqing Geng’s long hair is braided with the purple sections of her hair peeking through each of the braids. The photographer, Barry Sanders (@barbarianphoto), makes the styled looks the centerpieces of the shoot, the minimalism of the shoot allows for the outfits and accessories to speak for themselves!

Haoquing Geng is definitely too glam to give a damn! GAUDESS would like to also give a special thanks to Designer Bag Exchange for making this shoot possible.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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