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What Does It Mean To Be A GAUDESS Collective Member?

You’ll find yourself in a space surrounded by like-minded women, who uplift and inspire. By resonating with the Carnelian energy incorporated into all GAUDESS pieces, you shine alongside other Gaudesses. Remember, once you become a GAUDESS Collective member, you choose sisterhood, because here at GAUDESS we are aware of the importance of women supporting each other by creating a strong community.

The GAUDESS Collective asserts that we are one! Unity among women needs to be treasured, as it is precious. Once we all choose to strengthen our interconnected energy with our daily choices, we’ll unveil our GAUDESS within. If you choose to radiate, enhance and appreciate your beauty from the inside and out, you are a true GAUDESS. The GAUDESS Collective at its core, encourages positive change and growth, and for its members to have a strong spirit and fearlessly realize their dreams.

If you choose to be a GAUDESS Collective member…

Be mindful of:

  • Appreciate and be patient with yourself, truly love your being.

  • Encourage togetherness, uplift and inspire each other.

  • Approach and be conscious of other Gaudesses when you see them.

  • Rock the brand with your own personal flair!

  • If this resonates with you, GAUDESS is calling your name!

GAUDESS represents the art of conscious adornment that emits positive ripples through energetic fields around you.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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