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What is a GAUDESS?

Whilst spending your time, scrolling through the GAUDESS® website, picking out the jewelry that you feel most drawn to… you may be wondering what exactly is a Gaudess and what do all Gaudesses have in common?

First and foremost you’ll be aware that today’s Gaudess is working harder to increasingly embody and encourage the values of sustainability! Another core value for all Gaudesses is positive energetic alignment on personal and global levels. You see, GAUDESS® is more than what meets the eye; the GAUDESS collective offers and welcomes all to an energetic home and sisterhood for women who confidently wear our pieces and resonate with the values that we stand for.

It is important to remember that the sacred logo of GAUDESS® features the vesica piscis, a matriarch of sacred geometry, depicting the oneness of all, which is what we aim to achieve through encouraging togetherness with our pieces of jewelry. We hope that GAUDESS can work as a mechanism to bring powerful and like-minded women together, when you recognise that someone is wearing a GAUDESS piece, feel safe in knowing the values that we support and connect with another Gaudess!

After all, GAUDESS was born through the power of sisterhood, over 20 years ago, GAUDESS jewelry arose from a creative family luxury and continues on to exhibit luxury and elegance through a space constructed with shared positivity. CEO Amy Walko has taken on the leading role at GAUDESS from her real-life sister Michele Goodbread, which magnifies the fact that there is unlimited potential with the power of sisterhood. That is why GAUDESS has made its mission to unite strong women through energy and luxury.


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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