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What is the Carnelian Gemstone?

Hey Gaudesses,

I’m sure you’ve been wondering about the Carnelian Gemstone and the importance it has for GAUDESS® and all Gaudesses, that’s why I’m here to tell you about the unique properties it possesses. For each GAUDESS® piece you come across, a Carnelian gemstone has been carefully selected from the finest sources all over the world to be placed into the most intricate GAUDESS designs, this is done so that it can receive all Gaudesses’ intentions.

In order for the Carnelian Gemstones to be prepared to receive Gaudesses intentions it must undergo a 12-hour cleansing, clearing and blessing process. Once this process is done, the result is a super-charged elegance that radiates beauty plus healing and energetic properties to assist you in manifesting the powerful GAUDESS life you were born for!

So, what is the history surrounding this beautiful, bright gemstone? The Carnelian gemstone was originally embraced by royalty in Egypt mainly associated with the sacral chakra’s primal life force. It is a sacred part of GAUDESS and our products as the Carnelian has been treasured for millennia for its powerful positive energy, and we, here at GAUDESS, continue to perpetuate the positive properties it possess by adorning ourselves with pieces that value the Carnelian stone and its power. The Carnelian gemstone inspires courage, self-esteem, confidence and empowerment; it is the perfect companion piece for women who know what they stand for and are ready to amplify their impact on the world. The power of the Carnelian stone reaches peak potency after continuous high-vibration preparation as it is incorporated into your GAUDESS product, Gaudesses allow the Carnelian gemstone to embolden you and your wishes!


By Hilda Sheridan-Hewlett

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